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Seed Funding For Founders: How To Close Your Round

You have a brilliant idea and a model to back it up, but now you're left with the daunting task of finding the right investors and convincing them of what you already know.  At this Good Hour, you'll explore funding strategies that all founders should consider with their early raises. You'll leave with a better understanding of whether you're ready to raise, how to prepare, and how to close it (fast!).

Toolkit Tuesday: Learn to Pitch Like a Pro

Join angel investor and pitch preparation expert Melissa Durrell to uncover the essentials of building and delivering a powerful pitch to attract financing for your venture. During this month’s Toolkit Tuesday webinar, you will learn the elements of a compelling pitch deck and what to include to create a captivating story to attract the right investors for your business. Whether you are pitching in person, or on a virtual stage, preparation is key and this is a session you won’t want to miss.

Inspirational Women with Emma Rogers

The final Inspirational Women luncheon of the year celebrates Emma Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of the Children's Foundation of Guelph Wellington. Emma will be interviewed by Jennifer Goody-Brown about her journey to becoming CEO and her many accomplishments in the Guelph community.

Rhyze Ventures: Rhyze and Shine Pitch Competition

Innovation Guelph and the Rhyze Ventures team warmly invite you to Rhyze and Shine: Rhyze Ventures Cohort 4 Kickoff and Cohort 3 Public Pitch Competition. Connect with new program participants, Rhyze Ventures alumni, program partners, volunteer mentors, industry specialists, facilitators, and community leaders! The event will be hosted virtually and will feature the following: • A local woman entrepreneur and business owner sharing her success story • Networking activities with rotating breakout rooms • People’s choice voting

QuickBooks Training - 5 Week Program

Cost: $240.90 A 5-week hands on workshop teaching you all the elements of Quickbooks. If you are a small to medium sized business QuickBooks is one of the most talked about accounting software around. Known for it's ability to grow with you, this program is widely used.

How to Market and Sell your Tech Company

There are a million and one ways to market and sell your products or services: salespeople, influencers, affiliate marketing, cross-promotions, integrations…the list goes on! Whatever is right for your business, you need the proper legal structures and contracts in place to ensure you get maximum return for your efforts.  This Good Hour, will help you understand the legal considerations behind these marketing and sales strategies and the keys to protecting your assets while supporting the growth of your business.

Food Safety 101

Understanding what you need to consider in a Food Based Business Understanding food safety is essential for anyone working with food. Food based businesses have an obligation to ensure the food they sell to customers is safe. In this webinar, we will introduce you to: Factors contributing to food borne illness Handling food and equipment in a safe manner to prevent contamination Safe work habits Food Safety legislation Outcomes

Agtech Building Food's Future 2022

URBAN AGRICULTURE, AUTOMATION, FINTECH, AND CELLULAR AGRICULTURE.   We know technology is transforming food’s future. But which technologies will be most impactful? Food waste and loss are holding back our current food systems, at the expense of the climate and global food supply.

Business Success Series: Changes to the Employment Standards Act

On April 26th we will be joined by Rishi Bandhu from Bandhu Law Professional Corporation for a discussion ont he changes to the Employment Standards Act. The Ontario government's Bill 27 introduced some groundbreaking amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 late in 2021. The two key changes were: the introduction of a right for employees to "disconnect" from work; and prohibiting the use of non-compete clauses in employment agreements. In the session we will explore the following:

8 Steps Towards a Low Carbon Workplace

Make your business more sustainable within your resources. It is often thought that addressing climate change is reserved to big actors, requires a lot of resources while providing little return and that it is probably “too late” to avoid the worst. In this session, we will debunk these prejudices and provide you with 8 actionable steps that you can take to make your business of any size more sustainable while unlocking the benefits of doing so at your level and at your pace, in line with the resources available to you. Main outcomes:

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