The Good Hour Series: Fireside Chats: Startup F**k-ups and How to Avoid Them

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A FREE webinar series for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Learn the critical legal strategies that every entrepreneur should know! Whether you’re dreamin’ and schemin’ or knee-deep in the trenches of your entrepreneurial journey, these insights are for you!

With Halloween approaching, we can’t think of a better way of celebrating than getting cozy with Brett & Josh as they share some fun anecdotes about their times as lawyers and entrepreneurs. Listen as they share their horror stories and steps you can take to prevent legal decisions coming back to haunt you.

Do you have a scary story you want Brett and Josh’s insight on? Feel free to submit them here to have them anonymously discussed at the event.

Meet Your Speakers

Brett Colvin, CEO & Co-Founder of Goodlawyer

Josh Weinberger, Chief Legal Officer at Goodlawyer

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