The Good Hour Series: Capital Raising From Friends, Family & Angels

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A FREE webinar series for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Learn the critical legal strategies that every entrepreneur should know! Whether you’re dreamin’ and schemin’ or knee-deep in the trenches of your entrepreneurial journey, these insights are for you!

As a startup ourselves, we know that attracting and securing capital ain’t easy! We’ve learned that it requires being able to roll with the punches, and we’re happy to play Mickey to your Rocky (cue training montage). 

This lesson will teach you the fundamentals of raising capital. Josh and Brett will be sharing anecdotes from their own experience at Goodlawyer. Their mission is to help you understand whether you’re ready to raise, how to prepare for a raise, and how to close it (fast!)

Meet Your Speakers

Brett Colvin, CEO & Co-Founder of Goodlawyer

Josh Weinberger, Chief Legal Officer at Goodlawyer

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